Victoria is a city and a commune in Chile. It is located at 351 masl in the Malleco province, Araucanía region. It is the second most populated city in the province and constitutes the entry point to the area known as the Andean Araucanía, with attractions such as the Tolhuaca National Park, the Tolhuaca hot springs, the Malalcahuello National Reserve and the Curacautín and Lonquimay communes. It has about 35 thousand inhabitants and enjoys a particular kind of weather, very cold in winter and very hot in summer, since the country’s rainy warm weather starts in its surroundings.


From the Araucanía region, it is a commune and city located in the Malleco province, founded in 1867 as a military fortress. It was protected then by trenches and wooden stakes, supported by a series of bridges which were installed over the Malleco river and its streams.
Mainly focused in the forestry industry, today the agricultural and horticultural industries also stand out. Here, it rains most of the time throughout the year, rainfall can be observed even during the driest summer months. Its average temperature is 10.3 ºC (50.54 °F).


Melipeuco is a Chilean commune in the Cautín province in the Araucanía region, founded in 1981, it became a new touristic focus in the Andean area as it is close to the Conguillio National Park.


Cunco can be found 56 kilometers (35 miles) away from the city of Temuco, following the international route to the Icalma border crossing. It offers touristic attractions such as the Colico and the Caburgua lakes, in addition to the Allipén, Curaco, Trafanpulli, Rio Blanco and Huichahue rivers which, combined with the majesty of its mountain range and the warmth of their inhabitants make the Cunco a great commune to visit. Shaped by the force of nature, Cunco invites tourists to know each one of its corners, sites permeated with colonization history, the railroad and the culture of the Mapuche people.


The commune extends through the Quepe river basin upper section (one of the main streams of the Imperial river) between Ruta 5 through the west and the Llaima volcano through the east. Joining these two points, the route S-31 works as the commune’s backbone. The most populated towns have established in its route. These are, west to east, Cajón, General López, Vilcún (communal capital), San Patricio and Cherquenco.

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