ts name in mapudungun means “moon water” and is located 120 km (75 miles) from Temuco and 52 km (32 miles) from Angol. It borders in the north with Purén and Los Sauces, to the east with Triaguén and Galvarino, to the south with Imperial and Carahue, to the west with Tirúa and Contulmo. This area is culturally rich as here Mapuches and Italians have coexisted since their arrival in 1904 from the region of Emilia Romanga. The population is concentrated in the rural area, therefore; the most outstanding productive activities are the agricultural industry and timber production.
You cannot miss the waterside recreational areas which can be found in the Pellahuén and Relún rivers, on the way to Tirúa and Los Mellizos, the San Felipe de Nerui church, Cristo de los Copihues and Gruta de la Virgen María.