In the Malleco valley some of the most austral reserve wines are produced. Here, a couple of boutique vineyards have been the most prominent for elaborating fruity and aromatic wines of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc wine grapes. As everything in Chile, the offer of the most diverse and recognized wines from the central valley is available in each bar or restaurant, enhancing the flavors and aromas typical from the region.

Cosmopolitan flavors

There is a diverse international gastronomical offer in the main destinations of the region, highlighting Temuco, the San Martín and Alemania Ave. areas, which concentrate an important culinary offer with several alternatives in meat, pasta and sushi, in addition to many bars and restaurants. As for Pucón, on Fresia St., in addition to its interesting stores, it offers one of the widest gastronomical diversities of Chile, with representative menus from multiple countries, as Uruguayan barbecues, pizzerias and trattorias, mixing the best of international cuisine with local products.

Pequeña Italia

Multicultural gastronomy

Capitán Pastene is located in the Nahuelbuta range. It is a small Italian settlers’ town known by their rich culinary traditions, where authentic trattorias can be found along with prosciutto factories and handmade pasta, in addition to a wide range of accommodations decorated in the Italian way. Every year in June, a new settler arrival anniversary is celebrated, recreating their ancestors’ arrival in hundreds of carts. Then, ham, wine and the best pastas are served to celebrate.

Markets and farmers’ fairs

These spaces provide the popular joy that characterizes the Chilean people. It is not only about finding local products or a good dish; these places are also meeting points with their people. The Anibal Pinto market, located nearby the Temuco train station, is undoubtedly the best place to live an intercultural encounter.


The coastal area is rich in seafood, as a classic conger eel broth, one of the favorite dishes of the poet and Nobel Prize for Literature, Pablo Neruda, with an impressive panoramic of the Boca Budi area, for example. Other coves as Queule and Nehuentúe offer traditional gastronomy, delicious seafood empanadas and local fish such as conger eel, sole, sea bass and sawfish.

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